Alyce 2011


When you watch Alyce, and you really should, what hits you after about 15 minutes is that you have no idea where this film is going. This can be seen as a good thing or a bad thing. In this case it’s bloody brilliant, although I imagine some people will hate it because of how unpredictable it is.

I can’t really give too much away without ruining it but let’s just say it starts off about the slightly needy and off balance Alyce and her rekindled relationship with her best friend Carroll. After a row with her boyfriend,  Carroll decides the two girls need to have a night out with lot’s of booze, drugs and rooftops. Things get very strange from there on in.

Not disimilair to May (2002), it is a character study about a young, disconnected woman’s descent into madness. But while Lucky McKee’s film is very singular in it’s focus and tone, Alyce lurches from being a drama to a thriller to a black comedy on such a regular basis you are left unsure what’s going to happen next,  whether you will be laughing or throwing up in a bucket. Let’s just say this now: keep the bucket handy.

Look, just see it okay, it’s readily available on iTunes, you’ve no excuse. Jane Dornfield who plays Alyce is an absolute peach, worryingly I think I know a couple of people like her character, plus there’s a freakishly realistic performance by Eddie Rouse as the sleezy drug dealer Rex. I thought they’d just found some hideous pimp on the streets and cast him, but apparentlly not.

Finally, it has such a good ending, up there with Some Like It Hot, not that this is anything like Some Like It Hot, it’s not, I just like the ending. Oh and this is this ending…


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